My Painted Porch was born quite simply, from a love of the old. As a little girl, I was told countless stories from my mom and grandmother of their days as youngsters in far simpler times, when less was plenty...when what you didn't have and longed for, you created with your own hands to be valued and enjoyed so much more, where necessity was the mother of all inventions, where what was most valued were not things but love, family, togetherness, faith and home and the things you adorned your home with, were to be mere reflections of all that was important.  Later in years, I would always search to evoke that kind of warmth in creating what I longed for…sincerity and meaning in what I chose to do in life and surround myself with, because if it came from a place of love, honesty and simplicity, the beauty would shine in those like no other. 


The lives we lead can be simple and casual while still being full and rich…a loving and truly incredible husband who is my right hand and heart, a blended lot of 5 beautiful children, a furry family member Murphy the Second (it’s Murphy the First who walks out of the old covered bridge…you are forever in my heart), a century old home chock-full with our creations and all that is important to us and My Painted Porch, my creative den which allows me to bring to you a little of all of the warmth and learned appreciation for the old and created bestowed upon me in my childhood.  In a fast-paced and materialistic world,  simplicity and a flavour of days gone by have a way of keeping us all grounded and reminding us of where it is we come from and of times and those before us.  It is with French and German influences from our heritages, experiences from our travels abroad, great love, care, and attention brought to  our creations which offer old world vintage flavour, character and a warmth in our items that can only be created by heart together with hand. Each and every one of our unique pieces are 100% designed, cut, painted, distressed and aged by us here at Meyers Designs Studio in New Brunswick, Canada, ensuring you a quality treasure with precision craftsmanship lasting generations to come.


I hope you’ve enjoyed your visit to My Painted Porch.  It is my hope that we, in some small way, have taken you momentarily to another place and time, and that our creations will inspire you in achieving warmth and richness in your surroundings and everlasting memories of Home.
Leslie Woods-Meyers
My Painted Porch...inspiring Home
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